One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job as an interior designer. It’s a collaborative process where together we explore your style and ideas and create a space where the colours tell your story.
Whether you have already spent time gathering paint sample pots and painting patches on walls, or are lost in the vast selection of colours available; a colour consultation makes the process simpler and more enjoyable.We help you pull the whole concept together to match the space and style of your home.

When working with a colour consultant, you may even decide on an interior or exterior colour palette completely different from what you came up with yourself.

We may find that your favourite colour may work better as an accent featured in accessories within the space rather than as the primary featured colour. Also, to achieve the impact you desire we may position it front and centre. Ultimately, together we will look for colours to make you happy.

Using the right colours can transform spaces into welcoming, beautiful rooms you won’t want to leave and will want to share with your friends and family. A colour consultant understands how lighting and colours combinations can impact the final result.

We will work with you using the right colours to ensure the space has the feel and style you desire.Colour consultation incorporates the latest trends and techniques which are applied to suit the type of home and your unique style.

Let’s talk about colour…