Make Your Home A Winter Haven

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There is something mesmerising and comforting about a crackling fire. Whether you are camping or sitting in a protected pocket of your garden around a fire pit, the ambiance created by the flickering flames and the warmth that seeps into your body invites you to lean in, drawing your gaze to the living flames.

With the cold weather well and truly entrenched throughout the region, now is the perfect time to enjoy the effect of warm lighting throughout your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Let’s begin with what you can do to achieve this in the great outdoors.

Create your own fire pit.

People tend to gravitate towards an open fire. It is a good idea however, to consider where you position it to allow them to escape the smoke!

There are many options available to create your own fire pit, to gather around with family and friends.

Find an area protected from the winter winds and position your fire pit as the feature. Add chairs, cushions and drape textured blankets that can be thrown over shoulders while your guests relax and enjoy.

Fire pits come in many different shapes and sizes and are available from hardware stores or can be handcrafted by local contractors to fit your needs. Costs and installation times will vary accordingly.

It is an investment that expands your entertainment options year after year.

Moving indoors doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the warm ambiance created by a fire.

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Candles are an obvious choice if you don’t have a fireplace or wood heater, but there are safety considerations when using the naked flame variety. Ensure they are positioned on a flat surface and are visible so they can’t be forgotten when you retire for the evening.

Candles are available in many shapes, sizes and scents. They produce a soft warm calming light and can fill the room with a subtle scent of your choosing. Creating the perfect atmosphere to relax with a hot drink at the end of the day.

Positioned thoughtfully, they can be used to create smaller welcoming spaces within a room, as we tend to gravitate to the lighted areas. They are particularly affective when positioned in front of mirrors.

Children’s rooms don’t have to miss out on the warm glow. There are battery operated flickering candles that can be used to create the same affect without the risk of an open flame.

Salt Lamps are another option. They produce a comforting glow and are said to have other health related benefits.

You may also like to change the colour of lamp bulbs from a white light to a warm light during the winter months.

Consider textures, colours, lighting and warmth when designing cosy nooks within your home this winter.

You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that by introducing these few simple changes, you can make your home a welcoming warm haven throughout the colder months.

- Jo Mills

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    Creating your ideas into beautiful, functional living spaces.