The lighting in your home has a huge impact on the spaces. The positioning and type of lights can transform the colours and appearance of furnishings and finishes.
Consider art in a gallery and the impact lighting has on the perception of individual pieces. It can draw your eye towards the story being told or hide areas of imperfection.
The feeling of sunlight on your face is vastly different to standing under a fluorescent light, yet both are forms of lighting.
Every space has its unique challenges. Working together we create focal points within the space to generate interest and depth and to create the right atmosphere for your home.
There are many different designs and styles of lighting fixtures. It can become an overwhelming choice or the finishing touch that adds warmth and atmosphere.
A lighting specialist will source the style of light to compliment your space whether you have a contemporary or heritage style home.
Working with a lighting consultant ensures you obtain the best outcomes for your interior and exterior living spaces.
A carefully considered lighting selection can enhance even the most simple of design features.
Let’s talk about lighting your living spaces….