• I encourage you to explore interior design for your home

    I encourage you to explore interior design for your home

Our Story - Jo Mills Interior Design

Interior design is a personalised service. I work with you to create interior and exterior living spaces that are functional and beautiful to enjoy. You are at the centre of the Jo Mills Interior Design process because the spaces are designed to meet your unique needs and style. 

My background and qualifications are in Interior Design. After moving to Toowoomba, I owned and managed French Allure; a French inspired home wares and furniture store. French Allure was driven by my desire to help people find unique, beautiful home wares and furniture.

The positive feedback I received from my customers after browsing the displays and rooms I created for their enjoyment, inspired me to focus again on interior design. I recognised it was time for change and a new challenge.

My ultimate outcome when designing is to create an environment that is a reflection of your life and personality; and knowing you are enjoying living in the space I have created for you.

I enjoy a challenge and implementing every step of the design process. I especially like seeing the transformation of a space into something functional and enjoyable. The visuals and creativity of each project present a unique challenge and pulling it all together is very satisfying.

Living in the Darling Downs has given me a good understanding of the diversity of lifestyles here and how to design living spaces to meet each person’s unique needs and taste.