In a well-planned room, space is used to its maximum affect. We’ve all seen kitchens where bench space is limited or rooms where the furniture creates an obstacle course.

Planning the space using a scaled floor plan either during construction, renovation or when refurbishing provides a map to help you get the end results you need.

 When planning your space, we help you identify the right size furniture to purchase, space allowances to move around the area, the most aesthetically pleasing layout and areas you can feature or simply enjoy.

 To do this we walk you through a list of questions to identify what the room will be used for, existing furniture, art or areas you would like to feature.

 We then draw up a customised plan to meet your unique needs.

 At Jo Mills Interior Design we also help you source the custom soft furnishings, upholstery, furniture, window treatments and lighting you may require.

 You are at the centre of the process as our goal is to create a functional, beautiful space that reflects your unique style and needs.

 Let us help you create a space to enjoy…